Best Fishing Sports Competitions Around The World

If you are one of those who consider fishing to be a leisure activity, you surely have not heard about fishing sports competitions that have gained massive popularity across the globe in recent years. Inspired by a game of Basketball back in the 1960s, it has evolved into being the fourth most popular sport in the US with over 40 million participants. What is really impressive is the fact that the sport now draws in huge crowds and plenty of tournaments offer prize money that runs into millions of dollars. Having said that, here is a list of some of the well-known fishing sports competitions in the world that witness huge turnouts every year and are worth every bit of your time if you are an angler:

The Best Fishing Sports Competitions Around the World

Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

Perfect for a summer getaway, Big rock is held every year in June in Morehead City, North Carolina. There is plenty of exciting stuff that keeps the large crowds busy for an entire week. The participants can choose to fish for four out of a possible six days and grab a share of the whopping $1 million prize money.

Bisbee’s Black and Blue

Held every year in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, this is among the richest tournaments in the world that have the ability to change your life overnight. All you have to do is to enter as many jackpots as you can afford, enjoy the fishing and let lady luck weave her magic. Needless to say that this is a great holiday destination as well.

Lizard Island Black Marlin Tournament

Any professional angler will relish the opportunity to fish at this prestigious fishing tournament that is well into its 30th year. Held at Lizard Island, Australia, the competition now follows a catch and release format thereby promoting wildlife conservation as well. If you manage to get hold of a fish weighing in excess of 1000 pounds, you will have your name engraved on the Lizard Island trophy itself.

Custom Shootout

This tournament, held at Abaco Beach Resort Bahamas, is unique in the sense that it features fleets of custom fishing boats that are works of sheer brilliance and are a treat to the eye for every angler. There is also the chance for you to meet some of the creators who are present throughout the length of the week long competition. For those who haven’t experienced the Caribbean magic yet, this one is a must. Having the right gear is important as well. We got ours from tacticalhuntingandcamping.com, quality stuff that did the job extremely well.

Offshore World Championship

Thronged by purists from over sixty different nations from across the globe, the Offshore World Championship is the toughest fishing sports competition out there. The diversity of the competing roster makes for an enthralling event that is held annually in Quepos, Costa Rica. The winner walks away with the title of Offshore World Champion.

Fishing Sports Competitions like these bring the best fishermen and anglers from around the world to compete against each other for the huge prizes and prestigious titles on offer. The immense popularity also helps to generate massive amounts of money that go towards charity and promoting causes like wildlife conservation. There are numerous other events, apart from the ones listed here, that are organized in various corners of the world but if you haven’t been to a fishing tournament yet, the ones mentioned above can be perfect places to start the journey from.

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